Sounds odd to me

France is on ‘High terror alert’ since January this year yet someone just walked onto a French train with an Kalashnikov – Not something easily hidden in your pocket. That’s question ONE – Here’s Question TWO : “Two Americam soldiers” just happened to be in the same carriage and become the heroes du jour. Sounds like a hidden […]

The Misdirection

John Key is to post a video on his Facebook page explaining his views on New Zealand’s proposed flag change. WOW!! I can hardly wait /sarcasm Explaining the Trans Pacific Partnership can wait – There is more important stuff going on. “Look over here whilst I perform Legerdemain“ Look in the opposite direction  – Carefully, in […]

‘Scientists’ selling out.

Supposed impartial scientists (The study of FACTS and the drawing of IMPARTIAL conclusions from those facts) have reached the conclusion their sponsor wanted. You gotta be kidding.

TPP and Creative Accounting – The Future

The supposed ‘Free Trade Agreement’ that is the TPP is a serious topic of concern to all citizens because it is they who will benefit or suffer the consequences. For politicians to continually berate the voters for wanting a say in their future just proves how out of touch they are in their overpaid little […]

The richest man in history

Interesting about turn by the church on it’s moral values : Wikimedia Commons Jacob Fugger, as painted by Albrecht Durer, had a gift for making money. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have nothing on Jacob Fugger, a German financier during the Renaissance who monopolised the silver business, became the banker of kings, convinced the papacy […]