Compulsory Viewing

For anyone with a brain….. A powerful documentary that looks at the concept of the corporation, how it came to be so powerful throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance.

The Taxman, Death and Prison are very personal

Pondering on the iniquity of wages and salaries for some professions this morning. Tradesmen study their trade for 4 years. They can earn above average wages when self-employed. They rightly guarantee their work and those guarantees are enshrined in law. Doctors, lawyers, accountants study their trade for 3-5¬†years and their wages are higher than a […]


Talking to someone the other day about the Chinese sharemarket falls. Interestingly, the Western view is that the sky is falling in China therefore it will fall elsewhere too. My contention is that he, and we, don’t register the differences in culture and judge people by ourselves. This, of course, is normal and natural. However, […]