Maximidia’s Vintage Internet Ads

Sao Paulo-based ad agency Moma has created some amusing advertisement posters for Brazil’s MaxiMidia seminar series. The ads features Facebook, Skype, Twitter and YouTube in a style reminiscent of the 1960s, implying these are already yesterday’s news. The slogan “Everything Ages Fast. Update.” appears nearby.

The Payday Loan Housing Bubble

Pondering all this talk of property bubbles today and will it, won’tit burst, I suddenly thought “It all makes sense”. Banks are not using the business model we think they are. They have moved to a Payday Loan model of business. Let me explain. we think banks are charging us interest according to market forces, […]

Mr. Tulip’s delusional grasp of reality

You have o question the intelligence of some people. First the RBA tries to spin the “Everything is fine, keep buying houses – They are a great investment”, Then we have the latest shill, some obscure Peter Tulip. Australian house prices are 30% undervalued compared with the cost of renting, according to new research. Financially, Australians […]