A nomadic hippy with a MacBook

What does the future hold for the property market? My take is that the millennials will build tiny houses and commence a nomadic existence. They have no brand loyalty, they seek ‘experiences’ not money and are frugally minded. AirBnB for the next generation will be all about swapping lifestyles with others across the globe. The […]

It could burst any day

Seems others think the same way : “It is only a matter of time before the stock market plunges by 50% or more, according to several reputable experts. Mark Spitznagel, the hedge fund manager who is famous for his hugely profitable billion-dollar bet on the 2008 crisis, said, “We have no right to be surprised […]

The elephant in the waiting room

Read this today – Seems the Millennials are shunning the perverted corporations ruining the World and the economy – Hallelujah! sanity is poised upon the horizon like a lone cowboy on his horse, silhouetted against the rising sun. The obvious point – well missed by the funds investor writing the piece, (after all, they are […]

How the monetary system has left the average guy behind

Cancun, Mexico April 23, 2015 The next time some financial pundit tells you to buy stocks, show them this chart. It’s an incredibly interesting take on not only how expensive stocks are right now, but also how the monetary system has left the average guy behind. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, when priced in the […]

The rabbit in the Keynesian hat

Readers of this publication will know that for some time, I’ve forecast the creation of a new monetary system by which governments and banks gain total control over all monetary transactions. On the surface of it, this may seem an impossible goal, as it would be so all-encompassing and would eliminate economic freedom entirely. Surely, […]

Bailing out the Fed

Case in point—the US Federal Reserve recently published a paper entitled, “When Does a Central Bank’s Balance Sheet Require Fiscal Support?” Translation: how bad do things have to get at the Fed before they need to be bailed out by the federal government? Remember that the Federal Reserve is ultimately the issuer of the United […]

Let’s talk about idiots

April 17, 2015 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile Let’s talk about idiots. Somewhere out there, some absurdly well-paid banker just placed his investors’ capital in yet another financial instrument which is guaranteed to lose money: Australian government debt. 47 investors participated in the Australian government’s $200 million bond tender; the participants typically bid the amount they’re […]

Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

You’re likely thinking that a discussion of “sound banking” will be a bit boring. Well, banking should be boring. And we’re sure officials at central banks all over the world today—many of whom have trouble sleeping—wish it were. This brief article will explain why the world’s banking system is unsound, and what differentiates a sound […]