WIll the USA Stockmarket Crash?

Hmmmmmmmm sort of.   Dunkin donuts will keep selling donuts and keep making profits. What WILL happen is the speculators in DD will exit for ‘safer’ investments. Average Joe will still live his life, so the crash will have a ‘bottom’. USA made stuff will continue to be sold to Americans. Imported stuff will be […]

How can I make sure that all my offline and online channels comply with my MAP (minimum advertised price) pricing strategy? Should I also…

The key is to start with ‘single source’ artwork and documents. Create smart objects that interact with a database to grab these details. The details are only stored in the database and fetched each time a document / artwork is produced. Form letters are an example of this : Dear {First_Name,Last_Name}. If that is too […]

Is it rational to give your money making idea to a freelancer to make it done as a mobile application? In what cases is it logical?

Should we only trust the freelancer not to copy the idea? Because there are lots of freelancer from different countries with different copy right protection laws. Or do you think that it is not important to copy the idea or not? But while answering the question assume that idea has not business background, meaning that […]

What are good questions to ask key stakeholders, regional sales managers/representatives and distributors (during interviews) of a large …

The purpose of the interviews is to get an understanding and unbiased perspective (being a 3rd party) of the current state of the brand perceptions, brand architecture, brand alignment, and brand strategy. As well as the strategy and perceptions of the internal corporate culture and customers both internal and external. An understanding of the direction […]