Ordinances that stop corporations

The Community Rights Movement, as host Janaia Donaldson points out, is one of the most exciting movements of our time. 150 communities in 9 states have passed ordinances that stop corporations from moving in. This means these communities have been able to stop natural gas fracking, huge factory farms, and other big business. “We The […]

Fake news imitates reality

There is a fake news story floating around the internet, purporting to be a speech by Vladimir Putin to the Duma. The reality is that this speech echoes the public sentiment. If only politicians actually spoke on behalf of the public instead of their corporate sponsors (Why don’t they wear jackets with sponsor logos like the Formula 1 drivers?). […]

Have we learned nothing from the global financial crisis?

Saw this the other day – Couldn’t have put it better myself. Just shows you what really goes on. Yes, $200 million has been picked from the pocket of our Super Fund by the apparently obtuse behaviour of Portugal’s central bank, but that’s not the big problem. The big problem is that huge amounts of […]

Yet we search for Bigfoot, when caveman is amongst us,

I’m not talking about the Native American Indians. Now we have that clarified, we’ll move along. I just read an article on the BBC about yet another Indian rape case – There seems to be a lot in the news in the last year, so perhaps the Police are finally doing their job which would […]

Why do houses cost so much?

A good question that worries the young home makers as much as those already on the property escalator – I would say ladder but people are getting lazier. There’s all the usual theories about land cost of course. The answer, as always, is economics. The land costs whatever it costs based on council zoning and […]