Are social networks dead? If yes, what’s next?

Emphatically NO. Perhaps FB etc, will die or morph – who cares. BUT! People are fed up or corporate PR and advertising and tuning out the standard corporate message in favour of personal recommendations. This is where social media comes in. In Asia, reputation (or ‘Face’ in China) is all important. Asia is a fast […]

Will the Internet be used more in the future?

Yes and no. Increasingly it will be controlled by rich and powerfull people and corporations who will use it as a knowledge weapon to seize more power and money from economies. The middle class will be drained via advertising and Netflix type arrangements to sap them of their earning (Add up your TV, Mobile, Phone […]

France loves wine, Muslims don’t

Paris, 2015. Charlie Hebdo’s people are shot, apparently by Muslim terrorists. Several things annoy me here – the automatic assumption that they are terrorists is the first. The recent siege in Sydney by a lone nutter was labelled ‘terrorism’ by the media immediately. No thought, no consideration of the facts but an automatic assumption. Perhaps […]

Oil – What’s Happening?

As you’ve seen, the oil price is dropping through the floor. Given we are told Peak Oil is behind us, surely we are running out of oil? Yes, we ARE running out and should be preserving it for future generations. After all, the difference between a Third World country and a Developed country is based […]