The Control of the Masses

On an obscure forum, we talked of now and the future – My response: The rich listers effectively have all the control they need. Any more and we would be robotic liabilities. As long as the masses think they are independent and free, that’s good enough. Mind control via Fox News et al, distractions like the […]

Hot Business Opportunity

Given the current civil unrest and the rich getting richer. The trend of the rich to buy ‘fallout shelters’ in far off lands and the volatility of both commodities and currencies, there will soon be a demand for : Mattresses with inbuilt safes! You heard it here first!

Harry Dent – Don’t expect the geopolitical environment to get better until 2020.

It’s not enough that Europe is sliding back into recession and deflation along with the worst demographic trends ahead of them, especially for stalwart Germany… Now they have a terror threat that is looking more like 9/11 for the U.S. The attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and more. Hundreds of thousands of troops […]

The cost benefit of building gallows or guillotines

Well, well, well – As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the rich do fear the great unwashed rising up and severing their heads! The fears that Barry the Builder is, as we speak, down at the timber yard working out the cost benefit of building gallows or guillotines and pre-ordering the wood were raised at […]

So it’s all lies, damned lies and proven by scurrilous statisticians.

Isn’t it funny – the price of oil halves almost overnight and slowly the price at the pump falls by 25%. Of course it rises instantly the Sheik increases his price. Why doesn’t diesel drop? “Because India is buying more diesel cars”. Un be fecking lieveable the crap they dish out which the ever eager numbskulls at […]

Do large technology companies release products with all of the company’s newly innovated features, or are they a couple of years ahead of the general public?

Definitely ahead.  It makes some sense to have ‘spare’ progress whilst you try and create further progress or battle funding and marketing – It gives companies ‘Breathing room’. How much ‘Breathing room’ is required? I’d say 2 years but some take it to ridiculous lengths. I worked with a guy years ago who designed the […]

How does income and wealth inequality nowadays compare to that of the 1920s? Is there something to be learned from this?

The gap is wider than ever in the history of the World. This came about for a number of reasons: Governments granting monopolies to friends (East India Co, the Fed, Railroads etc.). The reasons made sense but there was no forethought or regulation of the social consequence. The granting to corporations the legal status of […]

What do you struggle with most in taking your business from a purely retail space to branching out online?

In retail you have customer feedback and body language to guide the sales process. Online, the person can be from another country, culture and have comprehension issues. There is no physical interaction. The sales process is very impersonal but the customer wants the same warmth and trust before buying. Marketing is completely different. You have […]

Does the US public school system support entrepreneurial minds?

Sadly no, no educational system is geared to producing entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are a tiny minority of the population who, by their very nature, are mavericks who think differently to the norm. Schools are funded by Governments to produce future workers for industry and commerce. These ‘industries’ want compliant rule followers who are not very ambitious […]