The best way of finding 1000 customers?

Working for nothing as someone suggested here, is the WORST thing you could do. It says that you do not value your own skills and nobody else should value them either. How can you build a business when you give away your skills? STUPID! You need to: Identify the business need Identify the cost/benefit you […]

Income Wealth and Inequality

The gap is wider than ever in the history of the World. This came about for a number of reasons: Governments granting monopolies to friends (East India Co, the Fed, Railroads etc.). The reasons made sense but there was no forethought or regulation of the social consequence. The granting to corporations the legal status of […]

What can advertising agencies learn from tech startups?

I think there are several major drivers: 1. Disaffected younger workers want a job that accommodates their lifestyle, so employers must think differently to engage employees. 2. The cost of providing an office, and of an employee buying a house near work are no longer viable so work from home is going to become the […]

Will Mohammed marry an Emily, an Olivia and an Isla?

I’ve just read the list of the most common name for newborn babies in the UK. The (male) winner is Mohammed in various forms. This got me thinking. Marseille (France’s second biggest city) will be the first Muslim-majority city in Western Europe. According to Wikipedia. “Apparently, a plan put forth about a year ago by the French government to […]