IMF chief warns of risks to economies

International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde has turned up the volume on her calls for stronger action by the world’s economies to boost growth, warning that downside risks were increasing without decisive action.

In a speech at Frankfurt’s Goethe University on Tuesday, Lagarde prescribed specific moves, including for the US to raise its minimum wage, for Europe to improve job training, and for emerging economies to cut fuel subsidies and boost social spending.

Here’s the answer :

Make Google and others pay a fair tax – Just implement a Worldwide tax on multinationals of 25% (or perhaps 5% of turnover) – paid in every country they operate in. Remove the loopholes.

The recent Panama Papers – Take every last dollar off any illegal activity or tax evading person or entity.

Corrupt politicians – Take every cent whether it is in a trust or a relative’s account. The family benefited – the family can suffer.

Drugs – Either legalize and tax or something more radical.

Change the Corporate laws so that they have the obligations of a citizen as well as the rights. Send the Directors to jail for fraud instead of a tiny fine.

Plough this money back into healthcare (USA), pensions, homelessness and encouraging small businesses (Hong Kong style),  minimum wage for all and cap Director’s salaries at 4x that of the average workers.

Nationalise the banks, the Fed – Keep the profits onshore.

Nationalise  necessary services like healthcare (Delete Insurance company parasites and doctors using hospital equipment for private patients – you’re national or private)

Implement Singapore style healthcare.

Electricity, water, gas and oil – nationalise because they are inefficient and dishonest.

Keep out of other countries and avoid war in favour of negotiation.

Send immigrants home who refuse to assimilate or contribute (Well done Czechoslovakia!)

Support apprenticeships, innovation and new small businesses and remove the dishonest bloat.