A reverse D-Day

The man being interviewed says “Conditions are bad, we need help”

Wearing iPhone earphones!

The UN says “The conditions at Calais’ Jungle Village are not humane”

They are not meant to be – they are illegally constructed shelters on stolen land. Made by illegal refugees!

“We don’t like the food”

OK – Starve of grow your own

“We need money” – “What for?” asks the reporter

Smokes and to send to my Mother

and on and on it goes. Ludicrous demands by spoilt brat ‘refugees’ who offer NOTHING in return. Go to New York and the homeless at  least try to offer a song, a poem, a newspaper or something in return for a hand up.

The fakers offer nothing but demands as the simpletons at the top rush to buy a homestead  in New Zealand  or some other far away place- ready for a reverse D-Day