It was a scam all along

The Nordic state of Finland was one of the favoured destinations for asylum seekers fleeing war-torn Iraq for Europe last year. However, many are now using their own money to get on a plane back to Baghdad.

The country’s latest immigration statistics show that 4,100 unprocessed asylum applications have been canceled or allowed to expire – a significant proportion of the 32,500 lodged last year.

“Some say the conditions in Finland and the lengthy asylum process did not meet their expectations, or what they had been told by the people they paid for their travel,” Tobias van Treeck, program officer at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), told Reuters.

So, it was a scam all along. Now they are not being treated like a spoiled princess they want to go home. So the excuses were fake, the reasons dishonest.

Good riddance – Take your fellow scammers with you.