120 Billion pounds of positive news

“One in five students in England leaves university with only a rudimentary command of basic skills such as reading instructions on an aspirin bottle or estimating how much petrol is left in their tank, a study suggests.”

So why did they go to University?

Elementary Dear Watson – To get a Student Loan!

How so Holmes?

Instead of funding education from taxes, Government got clever and offloaded that column in the spreadsheet to the students themselves – Instant balancing of the books Watson. 65 Billion pounds of income shortfalls rewritten as student debt.

Then came the cleverer part – selling those loans as ‘investment income’ to pension funds and the like at 85% of their worth – another 55 Billion of ‘income’ from selling debt to a mug.

120 Billion pounds of positive news for the Exchequer.

Thatcher and Major – the leaders in dishonesty. 25 years later – Still trying to sell the story that runs counter to the facts (as usual) :

A government spokesman said: “We maintain our relentless focus on literacy and numeracy so all young people have the chance to succeed.”

So, all this ‘focus’ is designed to blur the fact that the results are a joke. A 30 year old degree holder can’t understand an Aspirin packet.