For those left behind

  • Buffet is cashed up
  • NZ says it must have a ‘discussion’ on superannuation
  • Laws are passed to prevent the Government bailing out local and state governments
  • The Fed admit that interest rates won’t be rising in the next 20+ years
  • Interest rates are already negative and failing to ressurect the economy
  • The poor are invading Europe demanding handouts
  • Europe has less than 15 years to go before it is officially a group of third world countries.
  • The Australian economy is built on the housing ‘boom’ now that mining has collapsed
  • Housing in the Antipodes is at 7x the historical average (Since day 1 of record keeping and across all countries) of affordability
  • Google decamps to Singapore when threatened with having to pay tax.

Where are we headed?

The captive middle classes will bear the tax burden and be unable to escape due to passport controls and a ban on leaving the country until their debts are paid (No doubt including their debt on the TV and car)

The rich will continue to refuse to pay and use variations of global company tax avoidance and variations on the Panama papers (After all, Mossack Fonseca & Co. are number 4 in the business, so there are rivals happily feeding on the corpse. (Maybe they funded the hack?))

The poor and beneficiaries cannot and do not contribute of course.

The rich, having saddled the middle classes with debt for all eternity, will retire to their farms in the far reaches of the World and farm people’s bank accounts.

The ‘Preppers’ and survivalists will become the new rich. Rich in freedom and skills. Rich in goods as they are out of the loop and living in a commune with other talented and manually skilled people.

Last one out of the mainstream richlisters will sink the boat with a Currency reset.

So, developing skills (The new currency) is vital and learning to be self sufficient will be critical as we all head forward. For those left behind – we salute you for your sacrifice and service.