Britain has funded the enemy overthrow

Someone sent this video to me :

Then  I read this :

AUTHORITIES believe at least ten Islamic State militants have slipped into Thailand with the intention of attacking western targets, a leaked police memo has revealed.

Now – what do they have in common?

The ‘Religion of Peace’.

Now, whether you believe in Father Christmas, Fairies, Buddhism or Capitalism – I don’t care. But you have NO right to impose your beliefs on me. I will happily coexist but I will not be over run by delinquents masquerading as refugees.

USA caused the problem by interfering in the Middle East in order to control (steal) their oil as that is what runs a first world economy. No power source makes you third world.

Now Europe has been handed a note to enter the gas chamber and prepare for their end.

Muslims rarely work, their wives don’t work and they certainly don’t pay their fair share of taxes. British people have 2 kids, so one classroom serves 15 families. Muslims have 5 wives with 8 kids each, so that’s 1.3 classrooms per family or 20 classrooms per 15 families. Who’s paying? Not them for sure – no wonder so many are uneducated and unskilled.

They brag of taking over countries by breeding. Trouble with that plan is – who makes the money to pay the taxes to pay the welfare they live on?

Now they are demanding no pork in schools and Sharia law.

They want Britain to become a satellite city of Raqqa – steeped in squalor, indolence and poverty – just like the countries they came fom.

So Britain has funded the enemy overthrow – real smart David Cameron.

Poor Thailand now has to prepare for the same unrest.