David Hisco is a liar – Plain and simple

“You what mate?”

ANZ Bank has been branded “the worst trans-national corporation operating in New Zealand” by a group opposed to foreign ownership.

The Australian-owned bank had the dubious honour of receiving the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) group’s 2014 Roger Award.

ANZ was selected as the “winner” on the grounds of alleged “profiteering” and alleged “exploitation of workers”, the group said.

Judges said the bank epitomised the “ugly face of modern finance”, which “rorting its customers through inflated margins, dodging tax . . .wriggling through regulatory loopholes” and “dumping on its staff”.

Particular exception was taken to a quote, from ANZ chief executive David Hisco last year: “I don’t think employees should see the business they work in as a partnership where profits are shared. Banks don’t ask workers to chip in out of their own bank accounts when they are short of capital”.

What exactly is a forced bail-in if it isn’t TELLING (NOT ‘asking’) workers to chip in out of their own bank accounts?

What exactly was the Cyprus savings theft? 

David Hisco is a liar – Plain and simple.